Who we are

Passion for the orientation, dynamism and innovation

Mercurius Network, after years of fervent activity, through a new phase of its history has always been marked by the renewal and competitiveness.

Continuous evolution towards new business concepts

Born as publisher in 1991, the network Mercurius now operates at the highest levels of educational and professional. The changes in successive years in the world of work and post-graduate training and the revolutions that took place in the field of digital communication have guided and better targeted changes already in place, causing even more the renewal and transformation.

Always at the service of companies, schools and graduates

We constantly work on improving services to respond adequately and timely to the needs of our users and customers. We employ a team of skilled and led by the founder, Franco De Rosa, who with tenacity and unwavering passion has characterized the development of the network by association to company.


For more information on opportunities to teach bright young graduates with the opportunities offered by your company through the Network Mercurius and our services, please contact:


Cinzia Arcuri - Public Relations
Tel. +39 011 6693054
E-mail: marketing@mercurius.it